Bridge Loans VS. Business Title Loans

As a business owner, you realize that there are times when there is a cash crunch or you need to tide over the financial needs of your business. From paying your employees to other business related expenses, you need to finance the gap between these time-periods. It is for this specific business related expenses that bridge loans are provided.


There are different types of bridge loans for small businesses provided for covering numerous commercial purposes. The most common loans include mortgage bridge loans and capital bridge loans. There are a variety of reasons that businesses need financing as most of them are looking to fund new equipment, hire new people or open offices at new locations to expand their growing company. From infusing investments for new ventures, constructions and joint ventures, the company might need different strategies to enhance operations. These pursuits require financing but depending upon the financing source, it can take time to close. Meanwhile, taking a bridge loan can close the gap and fund the immediate requirements.

In real estate industry, the bridge loans are known as hard money loans while private equity funding industry terms it as mezzanine loans. But as these bridge loans are temporary loans for a short-term, it is necessary to have the main funding source approved to ensure that the short term-line of credit loan is paid off completely before the maturity date. In case, there is a delay in repayment, it is best to discuss your specific case with the lender and ensure that the repossession or foreclosure procedure is not implemented

The best benefit of bridge loans is that companies qualify faster and easier for the loan than other long-term commercial financing options. However, the downside is that bridge loans carry higher interest rates and have more risks than traditional loans. The quick availability and ease of bridging the gaps between the investment sourcing and finance, helps cover immediate business needs.

Business Auto Title Loan Advantages

Bridge loans can be a good option for many businesses, however even with bridge loans, qualifications can still be difficult. Let us introduce you to Business Auto Title Loans. A business title loan is an easy qualification and fast cash form of a short term line of credit.


Many lending institutions that offer bridge loans require a minimum amount of gross deposits per month, such as $15,000 per month. What if your company is just getting on its feet? Or what if your business is seasonal and it is a slow period for your small business? You may get denied approval if you have less than the required gross deposit of $15,000 a month. Another feature of Bridge loans is that your lender will often withhold 10% of your daily deposits, so on a day that you deposit $20,000 the lender will holdback $2,000!

When it comes to business auto title loans, you don’t have to worry about your business having a minimum gross monthly deposit and you need not fret about Best Title Loans AZ withholding your daily deposits. We work with you to loan you an amount of cash that works best for your business and we then work with you to get you a monthly payment that works best for your company’s cash flow and budget.

Another drawback to Bridge loans is they often take up to 7 days to fund. We understand that to keep your company on course, you need access to cash as soon as possible. With Best Title Loans AZ’s short term line of credit program, you will be funded and have your money within hours not days.

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Don’t wait for lengthy bank funding or bridge loans. Tap into the hidden equity in your car, truck, trailer, boat, or RV and have immediate same day access to your funds. No credit checks and easy qualifying means that your business continues to run smoothly.

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