Merchant Cash Advance Pros And Cons

A Merchant cash advance program is a program that allows you to leverage a set amount of your future credit card sales in exchange for a lump sum of capital.


Before a business loan is approved or denied to you, it goes through an underwriting process which takes into account the loan amount, your personal tax returns, financial statements and business tax returns. Depending upon the underwriting process which includes the credit history of the business and the submitted documents, the loan is processed only if the business owner can give a personal guarantee that the loan will be repaid in full. Additionally, it is stated that the business cannot incur a new debt until the loan is repaid.

Due to the balloon payment at the end of the term, it is important for the business owner to be sure they can make the complete payment or request a renewal of the loan term. Additionally, the bank or lending institute might ask for collateral of the assets or property before the loan is approved.

Businesses can borrow up to $50,000. These are given based on the credit of the owner and the business guarantee. But as it is an unsecure loan, the interest rates are higher and are given as line of credit. The processing time is low and can be approved within 7 days.

The approval for the merchant cash advances are done on the basis of the monthly volume of the business credit card transactions. However, there is no personal guarantee and taking the advance does not affect the business owners’ personal credit.

Best Title Loans AZ Business Title Loans Program

A business owner looking for a short term business loan may want to consider utilizing a short term line of credit known as a business auto title loan. A business auto title loan carries many advantages over a merchant cash advance program. Many merchant cash advance lending institutions require the company to be in business at least two years, have a FICO credit score of 640+, and have $20,000 in monthly credit card sales. The approval times for this type of cash advance are 7 days on average.


We at Best Title Loans AZ understand that every business and company is unique. Why wait 7 days or possibly longer to get the cash you need to cover payroll or supplies or other expenses? We can have your funds to you the same day that you apply to us. We are not worried about your FICO score or how much you are processing in credit card sales per month.

What we are going to look at to consider you for our short term line of credit, is the condition and year, make, and model of your car, truck, trailer, boat, or RV. You see, you are able to access the built up equity in your vehicle and use those funds for the cash flow of your company. The best part is, you still get to keep driving or using your vehicle!

Don’t give away your company’s future credit/debit card sales to a merchant cash advance lending institution that is going to charge you high interest rates and take a percentage of your deposits every single day.

Instead, give us a call so we can tell you more about this amazing opportunity. We can provide you with a free quote over the phone or you can apply right here on this page and we can text you with your quote in minutes.